Visiting Rwanda: A Remote Place With Spectacular Beauty

Rwanda, a landlocked country located in the region of eastern-central Africa offers magnificent natural resources and enjoyable amenities that a traveler is looking for. Its fine weather, accommodating people and rich culture and history are just some of the numerous reasons a guest should list this place as a must-see vacation site. Either you are an adventure seeker, simple explorer or just a person who wanted to be amazed by one-of-a-kind  architecture of nature, Rwanda will always have something to put forward to you.   Undeniably, this is a trip worthy of trying and cherishing. 

Experience the authentic and traditional Rwandan life including faith healers, dancing, massages, and markets through a Kigali city tour. Enjoy shopping and discovering exceptional stuffs that is done by the friendly locals while you are walking down town.  The place presents many buying options for products that are native and distinct.  If ever you get hungry, not to worry for there are plentiful of restaurants and bars where guests can unwind and recharge. Furthermore, it will not be worthy neglecting to taste the city street food.  

You have not visited Rwanda, if you do not see its pride, volcano and mountain parks as well as its lakes and waterfalls. Akagera National Park, Nyungwe National Park and Volcanoes National Park are some of the most popular reserve protected areas in which different species of animals and plants are thriving. These are open for the public who wants to see and be one with the nature. Hiking, trekking and biking are some of the activities visitors can do to enjoy the parks at its best. If you are the water-loving kind, then Lake Kivu, Karongi and Rubavu are likely to be your choice. The soothing scenery of the places and available facilities such as different water sports are good options to stop over and reflect.

Also called the intellectual capital of Rwanda, Butare is the home of its National Institute of Scientific Research and the striking National Museum. By visiting these sites, guests can see the ethnographic exhibitions of the wealthy past of the country. There are segments for ethnology, history, art and ecology, reflecting the life of its people. Seeing and supporting the craftsmanship of the Rwandan people means becoming an advocate of Azizi life. This is enduring the livelihood for the Rwanda’s artisans while showing visitors the beauty and complexity of their daily lives.    

Travelers will truly appreciate the experience of serenity and richness of place. The overwhelming nature panorama and hospitable people are good enough explanation to stop and take a break at Rwanda.

Karibu Congo Safaris LTD, a locally operated touring service, offer special tour packages for anyone wanting to witness the beauty of Rwanda. Educational visits, beach vacations, bird watching to volcano trekking are just some of its services you can avail of. 

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