An Adventure into the Zaire

The Republic of Zaire, now known as the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), is a vast stretch of land and enthralling natural forest. It is so massive that it’s larger than Germany, Spain, Sweden, France, and Norway combined together. It houses a lush of flora and thriving fauna, many of whom are considered critically endangered species.

DRC is blessed with several national parks that are part of the UNESCO World Heritage List. The breathtaking and stunning beauty of these parks is a reason enough to pack your bags and visit this beautiful country.

Of all the parks Congo has, Virunga National Park is the most famous of them all. Unblemished and unmarred by its past economic and political conflicts, this park reflects the splendor and beauty of Congo up close and personal.

Famous for its jittering lava lake, trekking to the Nyirangogo Volcano is not for the faint-hearted. A 6-hour walk to steep and often treacherous trails to reach the summit, that at least requires you to be moderately fit. However, the soreness and tiredness will be all wiped out once you reach the summit as you gaze upon the magnificent crater down below to witness the largest lava lake in the world.

Watching the volcano at night is a must. The absence of light illuminates the oozing lava to even brighter and proud. You could easily watch this momentous work of nature for hours. For those who prefer for a less strenuous activity can choose to take the Mountain Gorilla Trek. Magnificent as they are, seeing them in their natural habitat in close proximity is one experience of a life time.

Camping out is great but clearly not for everyone. Stay at the Mikeno Lodge, situated at the heart of the Rumangabo. In there, you can take your much-needed rest, ready for yet another day of exploration.

For those who prefer to be in nature, there are lots of safety places to camp out. Pitch your tent and head over to the Bukima Patrol Post. Located at the foot of the Mikeno Mountain, this was once a research camp and now catering to the influx of tourists visiting the area. As a bonus, this is where the gorilla trek starts.

Zaire and its neighboring areas offer endless possibilities and enjoyment in and out of the wilderness. However, arranging your own visit to these humble places may be a daunting task. Do-It-Yourself visits can be fun but it’s best to seek help from a touring service who knows how to keep your trip fun, enlightening and memorable experience. Contact us for more information.

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